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Introducing Galleon Blast

Press ganged into service by an unscrupulous gangmaster from the Spanish Main (well….Knutsford actually), the swarthy seadogs of Galleon Blast occasionally get shore leave to ply their raggle-taggle trade wherever folk will have them. With a selection of rum-soaked songs and shanties, the Blasters whip up a squally strumming storm to get all and sundry friggin’ in the riggin’. With traditional tunes and many a seafaring classic from The Dubliners, The Waterboys, The Pogues, Thin Lizzy, The Fisherman’s Friends and Ewan MacColl; you can be sure that these diddly diddly deck-hands will get feet tapping from the poop to the crow’s nest. Galleon Blast feature banjos, whistles, accordions and fiddles from members of The Family Mahone, Full House and Mark Radcliffe and Foes, including the pirate dj himself Mr.Radcliffe – the Jack Sparrow of the Radio 2 Folk Show. Actually, make that the Jack Duckworth of the Radio 2 Folk Show. So, it’s all aboard the good ship Blast for a full-on broadside of buccaneering beat.


galleon blast news

A Band on Ship?

Indeed me hearties.
The second album is underway, and features a few surprises from Glam-Rock to bespoke artwork.

I’m not giving much away at the moment, but I think it’s time to get just a tiny bit excited.


galleon blast news

Avarshhhhhht Me Lubbers

I ‘as been a doin’ a bit o’ maintenance on the web-, and the Government Agent ‘as bin a doin’ smart work with the lens- ‘ope you be a liking the new look

blast 1

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Galleon Blast win an award!

We were delighted at last nights Alexanders gig to be presented with the award for ‘Best Album of 2015’ bu Dan Scott of Schotts list and flipside radio.

It will look good in the trophy cabinet, if a little lonely 😉

fat harry

Fat Harry White is coming for Christmas

Many years ago, our fair capp’n did his business in a castle rather than a galleon. He was assisted by the artiste formerly known as ‘Lard’ as well as other ‘special’ guests.

One of the more special guests was the legendary Fat Harry. Harry had a way with words.

My special Layee-friend, the sexy Fi-ona called me on the phone yesterday, and asked me for some help.

The wall alongside the alley next to her house had collapsed, and with all the rain, mud was leaking on to the path and people were falling over and getting hurt- I had to do something fast.

I got on my old bi-cycle and I made as much haste as I could to the scene. When I got there it was worse than I thought- the railing where I chain my bike had gone- washed away in the flood, and it was nearly chucking out time at the bingo. Any minute the alley was going to be full of slipping biddy’s on an innocent shortcut home.

There was only one thing to do. I got off my bike, and crammed it into Fi-ona’s oozing back passage. I pushed it in and out a few times as the slime flowed from her wall- then suddenly the pensioners were on their way– I started shoving really fast, trying to get to the end, but it was no good- suddenly everything went stiff, and with a last little squirt of goo my bike was left stuck in the mud- but at least I’d blocked things up for a while- no pensioners would slide to their death tonight.

Fi-onas back passage would wait until the rain stopped- my job was done-


If you see what I mean. The only place for Fat Harry’s Bulging Christmas Sack is our facebook page– Av a look me hearties— Merry Consumertide ye lubbers.

galleon blast news

Fat Pigeon Video shoot: Harbour lights

We recently performed in Audlem. We were recorded live visually and ermmm- soundishly, and this is the result were rather pleased!


You can download the album on amazon as well as other platforms.


Name our second album?

Via Capp’n DJ on twitter

Feel free to join in–

galleon blast news

New Galleon Blast Web site

There’s a lot more to come here on our web site folks– More gigs, pirate tat, and pirate jokes for a start.
Meanwhile tuck into this video for ‘As I sailed out’

Mines a rum!